Friends and Family,

2007 promised lots of changes for the kids and me and it didn't fail to deliver. Between turning 40 and quitting my job to work for myself, this year has been one to remember (be sure to click the links for pictures).

Erin completed middle school and entered Sprayberry High School as a freshman. She took to it like a fish to water and has done well academically and socially. She's become quite a football fan - between the Sprayberry Yellow Jackets and her beloved Georgia Bulldogs, our weekends this fall seemed to center on the gridiron. I felt like I was back in high school myself with all the home football games I attended. The hours and hours spent on the phone when I was her age has morphed into Instant Messenging, MySpace and cell phone text messages. These kids are far better connected than we ever were, but she still finds time to hug her old man and wrap him around her finger. As a result, this year I've been to High School Musical on Ice, High School Musical on stage, and American Idol on tour - to name a few.

Alec is really coming into his own as a young man. He's growing like a weed and is almost as tall as his sister. He has a way to go before he can push his Dad around though. He's plugging his way through middle school - it's tougher when you think you know more than the teachers. His grades are good - with a little "help" from Dad and Mom - and he is in his second year playing the alto sax in the concert band. His passion is video gaming and even agreed to have his beloved shaggy locks shaved to win an Xbox from his step-father. He also played some flag football this fall, and he is looking forward to putting on the pads next year.

Jack is in the 4th grade and is also doing well in school. He is happiest when he's outside playing sand lot sports with his buddies, and had a couple good seasons in baseball this year. After making all-stars in the spring, he moved up into the Mustang division this fall. He adapted well to kid-pitch, and even led the league for a time in slugging percentage. He has also become quite the professional wrestling fan, even after I was able to convince him that the moves were choreographed and not "real". He spends the remainder of his time keeping up with big brother which keeps me busy as their referee.

On the personal front, Michelle and I spent as much time together this year as we could, considering all the demands of work and kids. We managed to squeeze in some concerts, and a trip to Tampa for my buddy Steve's 40th birthday. She and her kids also accompanied us on our annual family week in Ft. Meyers with my sister and her family, my Dad and my step mother, all all the step siblings and step cousins. In all there were 18 kids there! In September, we had a huge scare when Michelle's youngest child, Camryn, was involve in a hit and run accident in a parking lot which resulted in a broken leg. She has been unable to go to school since then, so the school system sent a teacher to her house twice a week to make sure she didn't fall behind. She's healing fast and will be out of her cast and back to school in the New Year. As traumatic as that was, we are very grateful because it could have been so much worse.

As for my professional life, I took a huge leap this year by leaving my position of nine years as Operations Manager of Tayco Contractors to join The Macallan Group as a partner pursuing a variety of real estate development projects. My timing wasn't the greatest due to the downtown in the housing sector, but we are slogging through and will come through this a leaner, better managed, and more focused company. We feel that we will be in a strong position to capitalize on the inevitable rebound in our sector.

We will be spending our Christmas this year at a big family get-together in Gatlinburg. The kids are I really looking forward to the break and being with loved ones.

So that's it from here. We'd like to wish you all a Very Merry Christmas, Happy Holidays, Happy Hanukkah, and extend our Best Wishes for '08!

Dean, Erin, Alec and Jack